A Sunday on the Strasburg, July 2017

The Strasburg Rail Road is a national treasure, and every once in a while I must go there to “center myself”. Maybe it’s because I went a lot when I was a kid, but it’s always loomed large in my mind of what a railroad is and should be. I recently made a pilgrimage, and while my photographic and video output wasn’t as amazing as I’d have wanted, I like to think it’s worth checking out.

The View Out the Cupola

Strasburg Steam Powered Morning Mixed: July 2013

The Strasburg Rail Road has recently (well, in the past 6 years or so) started increasing its freight business.  Knowing how to put on a good show, they offer tickets to ride the (usually) steam powered morning freight runs. These tickets made a perfect present for my dad, who got me hooked on this stuff by taking us on monthly pilgrimages to Strasburg when I was growing up. These are the photos from that day.