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A White Christmas On the M&H

I had originally intended to go shoot some backdrop photos for my model railroad, but the weather decided not to […]


Took a break from working on The CRHS Archives for the MGA Heritage Unit

We had our first organized work session on The CRHS’s archives back in August. Luckily, the NS Pittsburgh Line is […]


If you like streetcars, New Orleans is for you

I’m visiting New Orleans for a conference, and decided to get around via streetcar. I imagine this is what it […]


Patapsco and Back River Back When There Was a Patapsco and Back River

The story of Sparrows Point’s decline and eventual destruction is a sad one. I feel that it’s made even sadder […]


Pittsburgh, May 2016

It’s been a long time since I was last in Pittsburgh, and even longer since I last did train stuff […]


CSX Never Fails to Impress

Today I was out running some errands in Baltimore and had a moment to kill. I happened to notice that […]


Post 2016 Blizzard NS and “NS” Action

It’s a beautiful day, the 30″ of snow from this week’s blizzard has melted down to a manageable 18″, and […]


Chasing NS H25 Out of York

I was incredibly excited to catch NS’s “Yorkie” job heading north out of York on the former NCR (that I […]

Former CP at Kennett Square PA.

Retro Photos: The Octoraro /Brandywine Valley / Delaware Valley in the Early 2000

I was really interested in the Octoraro Railroad when I was younger. It was about 30 minutes from home, but […]


CSX Coal at Curtis Bay

I had a few hours to get out and about today, so, while on my way to go work on […]