Goodbye Ridgely CPLs

CSX is rapidly replacing all of it’s B&O era color position lights. The interlockings in downtown Baltimore seem to be the next to fall. Carroll has already lost its legendary full installation (with three lights above and below the target), and it looks like the signals around Bailey’s Wye are the next to go. A safetrans “Darth Vader” gantry has been installed next to the bridge at Ridgely St, and it looks like it’s ready to be swung into place any day now. Here, a local out of Locust Point / Riverside is coming under both signals in the late […]

Is this the last GP40WH-2 Photo I’ll ever take?

MARC has gotten rid of almost all of their once ubiquitous GP40WH-2s (you know, the things that look like a GP40 fell asleep in Dr. Frankenstein’s lab next to an SD45 and a FP45). That’s why, a few days ago, I was very excited to capture one leading a Baltimore bound train. The lighting was bad (shooting eastbounds in the evening at Bush St is tough), but I’m happy with the way it turned out.