The Conrail Heritage Unit at CP Altoona August 2016

August of 2016 found me in Altoona for the N Scale Weekend. It was a fun event that also happened to coincide with a visit from the NS 8098, better known as the Conrail Heritage Unit.

Because the universe looks unkindly on railfans, it was the trailing unit on a mixed freight heading west over Horseshoe Curve.  The only small favor that we were given was that there were a few gondolas immediately behind it, allowing for an interesting “going away” shot as the power crossed over and throttled up for its assault on the mountain.

Led by one of the ubiquitous Dash-9s, the train cruises through CP Altoona, the site of a recent auto rack pileup.


The pair of GEs approaches.
“Here we go.” The train goes through the location of “SLOPE” interlocking where the battle with gravity really begins.


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