Summer 2012 Trip to Philly

Philadelphia contains a tangle of rail lines, and a ton of Railroad history. These photos come from a one day trip to show some of my Baltimore and Harrisburg friends some of the great stuff Philly has to offer.

Ironically, we saw lots of things, but I don’t think we caught a single moving train all day.

Philly Coal Pier Pushers
These derelict narrow gauge locomotives used to help move strings of hoppers and ore jennies out onto the Philly piers for loading and unloading.
Canal St, Philadelphia
Canal Street is a hidden gem just off the Phillly waterfront. It was originally a creek (explaining its meandering path) that became a road, and that just happened to have a branch line down the middle of it.
Conrail Shared Assets Power at Ann St
CSAO often leaves local power tied down by the car shops. This used to be part of Reading’s massive Port Richmond complex.
CSX 2647 In Paulsboro NJ
The last stop of our day was at the CSAO yard in Paulsboro NJ on the Penns Grove Secondary.
They do a lot of chemical business through here, so it was a good thing this view was available from a public road.

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