An Evening In West Baltimore: August 2013

I headed out to watch CSX after work with my friend Steve. Our goal was, specifically, to try and see the CPLs before they fell, but we also caught some trains.

CSX Manifest Through Baileys
The evening manifest was leaving Riverside and passing through Bailey’s Wye.
CSX Intermodal At Bailey's Wye
While we were watching the manifest roll bye, this intermodal surprised us coming out of the Howard St Tunnel.
The Signals at Bailey's Wye
The mast mounted signal coming out of Locust Point and the CPL dwarves.
West Baltimore Evening
A work train is tied down in Mt. Winans Yard and an empty coal train is waiting for the signal to leave the branch to Curtis Bay.
CSX Coal at West Baltimore
This empty coal train was on the branch coming out of Curtis Bay.

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