An Hour in Canton: August 2013

I had a family errand to run over on the east side of town which gave me a free hour to do some railfanning. It turned out to be a pretty productive hour, with NS, CSX and Canton action afoot.

CSX Seagirt Transfer
The CSX Seagirt to Bayview transfer job coming up the hill past Fait Ave.

My next stop was Penn Mary Yard, the Canton’s base of operations. I caught one of their GP8s working a cut of cars.

Canton Switching Penn Mary Yard
One of Canton’s GP8s sorting out some cars in Penn Mary yard.

I then headed up to Boston Street, which is a bit of a choke point with NS, CSX and Canton using the numerous tracks there.

I picked a good time to show up, with the Canton 1501 to do some work at the various industries.

Canton 1501 At Boston St
One of Canton’s SW1500s.
The Canton Trifecta
All three railroads that use the Boston St. corridor in one shot. From left to right is an NS crew with a bunch of empty flatcars, the Canton local crew, two empty CSX coal trains and another NS local.

The crew of 1501 had to clear up so that the Canton interchange jobĀ could return from Bayview.

Canton SW1200RS 1201 At Boston St
The Canton NS interchange job heads back to Penn Mary from NS Bayview.
Canton 1501 Going to Spot a Car
The Canton local crew with a 60′ railbox car that they were heading to go spot in the Overflo Public Warehouse.
NS Empty Flats From Dundalk Marine Terminal
An NS local crew had a couple of empty flatcars, probably returning from delivering some tractors to Dundalk.
Empty Flats
The NS crew heading back to Bayview with empty flats.

In the distance, above, you can see yet another train showing up: a loaded CSX coal train bound for Consol Coal.

CSX Coal Train At Boston St
A loaded CSX coal train heading to Consol Coal.
CTN 1501 At Overflo
I didn’t realize this place still got rail service, so I was pretty surprised when I saw 1501 spotting a boxcar there.
Canton 1501 Crossing Haven St
My last catch of the day was a real surprise: CTN 1501 delivering a car to the Overflo warehouse.

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