An Afternoon In Eastern Maryland

My friend Chris and I had a day to go do some train stuff, and so we did a mix of railfanning and modeling. These are the pics of that day from the CSX Philly Sub and Perryville.

CSX MOW Train Heading West
An empty CSX MOW train heads west under Abingdon Rd.

And here are a few photos of the cars in the train. I liked the unique roof-down perspective.










After the CSX encounter, we headed up to Perryville where we caught an NS Oil Train heading toward the NEC. He pulled up to the signals and just stopped until well after we were ready to go.

NS Oil Train In Perryville
The oil train rolled under the US 40 bridge, and we thought he’d be getting onto the NEC, but it was not to be.
AMTRAK Acela At Perryville
While the oil train waits behind me, a northbound Acela speeds by on the NEC.
NS Signage in Perryville
Something old and something new.




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