On the Way Home From the CRHS BoD Meeting

The CRHS board and membership meetings wrapped up early enough for us to head home with some light left. This mean that there was some railfanning to be done on the way.

Our trip began across the street from where we stayed: in Cresson.

NS Coal in Cresson
A loaded coal train heads east past the Station Inn.
Cheering on His Compatriots
The horse cheers as some helpers roll past.
The Site of MO Tower
Helpers get ready to leave the engine terminal while a westbound stack train approaches.
Westbound Stacks in Cresson
The BNSF Executive Green SD70MAC from a few days earlier returned west as we were getting to leave town.
Westbound Intermodal Helpers
A pair of SD40Es works to slow a westbound intermodal.
NS 10N at Cresson
The Pittsburgh to Altoona manifest is always an interesting train to catch. Aside from the mix of cars, it usually has interesting power too.

We started our trek home and hung out at the west side of Huntingdon at CP Hunt.

Eastbound Autoracks at CP Hunt
An eastbound train of autoracks knocks down the signals at CP Hunt.
Amtrak Pennsylvanian Leaving Huntingdon
The afternoon’s westbound Pennsylvanian has a P32-8WH on it, which is a nice change from the usual P42s.
Amtrak Pennsylvanian at CP Hunt
The afternoon Amtrak train rolls through CP Hunt on its way west.

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