CSX in Locust Point at Night, May 2017

I was driving home from my friend Josh’s place and needed to get some gas. There’s one way I could’ve gone where I didn’t drive by the tracks, and there’s one way I could’ve gone where I did. You can guess which way I went.

I figured there was a very slim chance I’d see anything, but you never know with CSX. I seriously lucked out in that, as I was rounding the bend by the well known Domino Sugar plant, I saw a headlight on the “loop track” that they use to turn entire trains at Riverside Yard. I quickly made a u-turn and found some locations to catch him coming through the more scenic areas.

I didn’t need to be too quick, however, since he was moving at a walking pace.

Sadly, all I had on me to capture the moment was my cell phone (an LG G4), but it didn’t do too badly, considering.


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