Riding the Everett During the 2019 N Scale Weekend

One of the great things about the Altoona N Scale Weekend is its location deep in the heart of railroad country. The Everett provides a great addition to the mainline action on the Pittsburgh Line.

A ride on the Everett’s “Ice Cream Train” was in the cards after dinner at the show. Our power for the evening was their GP16 1828, a former Seaboard rebuilt GP9.

We rode up the line to the Roaring Spring station where we got some really tasty ice cream, as advertised. Roaring Spring is a great looking town with lots of modelability.

The ride back was full of great conversation with my friend Lee about future modular model railroad endeavors, but the real show was after we got back to the station.

I realized my newish Google Pixel 3a does fantastic work in low light so I decided to turn it loose on the train while it was in the station.

It’s unbelievable to me that those were taken with a $300 phone.

Here are a few more after the train headed off to the yard.