Some of my favorites

Some recent posting on the TrainPorn subreddit reminded me that I’ve taken a LOT of photos over the years. Some of them are good.

I’m going to start with one of my recent favorites. This photo just makes me feel unsettled. It’s from a 2020 visit to the Wilmington & Western.

Some CSX power doing a whole lot of nothing in Locust Point.

This one is far from perfect, but I love the color.

How can you not enjoy a hogger at work on a 44 tonner?

CSX snaking past the now demolished IU tower in Indianapolis.

Another CSX shot. This one on the Philly Sub in Delco.

An SW1200RS on the Bel-Del? Sure.

90 “giving her the runaround”.


A quintessential Pittsburgh photo.


The Allegheny Valley passes through CP Pitt on Norfolk Southern.

NS doing their thing on the NEC at Martin State.

Classics rolling through East Stroudsburg on the D&L

Another DL shot. This one at Elmhurst.



A CSX powered train near PPL Park, where the Philadelphia Union plays.


Blocking off traffic at Orthodox St for just one more moment, Railserve NW2 1234 shoves a cut of tank cars along Aramingo Ave and into the Honeywell Plant.



CSX intermodal Q141 crawls west at Contractors Road.
A BNSF Dash 9 leads K043 west.
An SD40E smokes it up as it approaches the signals at MO interlocking.
The CNJ Heritage Unit rolls west through Cresson PA with an empty oil train.

The old and the new meet: a pair of classic SD40-2s pass the historic ALTO tower while a pair of modern interlopers wait to go west.
By this point, the train had slowed down to a walk from a jog. Only the first two units were online at this point, but they were screaming and giving it all they had.
The curve has some super elevation to it, and the SDs were working hard. This type of action is what you travel to the Pittsburgh Line for!
The morning eastbound rolls through the fog in Johnstown.
The irony of the last hour or so of railfanning is that the light is so good, but it’s heralding the end of the day.
The westbound Amtrak train with a (nationally) rare B32-8WH.
NS 9406, one of the many Dash-9s roaming the NS system leads a slab train in the classic HUNT shot.
Another boring Dash 9 leads another boring intermodal train heading east at Baree.

Eastbound CSX AC4400 In Meyersdale
A CSX AC4400 leads a general freight train through the middle of Meyersdale.

CSX C40-8W At Hyndman PA


Eastbound CSX AC4400 In Meyersdale
A CSX AC4400 leads a general freight train through the middle of Meyersdale.
CSX MOW Train Heading West
An empty CSX MOW train heads west under Abingdon Rd.
RJC Outside Cresson
The red EMDs were doing the bulk of the work here.
RJ Corman Grain Train Just Outside Cresson
Rounding the corner and heading up hill.
NS Local Heads Down The NEC
The trailing engine makes this make like a much more dangerous photo than it is.
NS Local Heading Back To the NEC
Having power on both ends of the train makes it worth shooting coming and going.
Amtrak Silver Service Train Heading South
An Amtrak long distance train with a single AEM7 for power.
CP GE On Q216, Allender Road
Looking more like Canada than Baltimore county, Q216 continues its eastward progress.
Canadian Pacific Leader on CSX Q216
A CP leader hauls a train of loaded autoracks toward the Twin Oaks facility.

The Erie Unit at CP Beaver

Amtrak Regional Passed NS 80MACs on 590
An AEM7 and train showed up at the perfect time to pass the NS coal train within range of my camera. This is luck. Pure luck.
Northbound Amtrak Long Distance Train
This was probably one of the Silver Service trains.
Amtrak Northeast Regional At Martin State
An Amtrak AEM7 throws up a rooster tail of fresh snow as it heads toward Baltimore
Amtrak Northeast Regional At Martin State
The rooster tail behind a southbound northeast regional.
Departure Time in East Strasburg
The “mixed” (just a caboose hop this morning) prepares to depart for Leaman Place Junction.
90 Charging Back to Town
And one last catch from the same chase: this time with 90 leading its charge.
MARC Cab Car At Bush St
MARC provides commuter service over CSX’s Capitol Subdivision between Baltimore and DC. Here, a DC bound train passes Gaslight Square at Bush St.
CSX Q398 at Race St
I’ve long wanted to catch something moving here. This stretch goes from Bailey’s Wye, alongside Race St (and almost right through people’s front stoops) into Riverside Yard.
CSX Q398 Passing Under Armour
Under Armour is a Baltimore institution. Their headquarters occupies the former area of B&O’s grain terminal. The tracks still run by it though, and they’ve done a pretty nice job with the streetscape.
The muesum's Brill and Peter Witt cars.
The muesum’s Brill and Peter Witt cars.
Baltimore Streetcar Museum 1904 Brill 4533
The museum’s 1904 Brill car after dropping off its passengers.