RJ Corman For Lunch

The first CRHS BoD Meeting of the year is a pretty serious affair. It starts early and runs late, but there’s a break for lunch. Instead of just heading to Sheetz, we chased the RJ Corman grain train that had been delivered overnight.

NS Intermodal Eastbound Through Cresson
While the RJC crew was getting ready to go, an NS Intermodal blew through town.
NS Intermodal Passing the Corman Train
The Corman crew was doing its air test while the stack train flew by.
Getting Ready To Go
The RJ Corman train getting itself together and ready to head out of town.

Instead of waiting to watch them depart, we scouted out ahead for good photo locations.

We found one just outside of town, where he’d be working is way upgrade.

RJ Corman Grain Train Just Outside Cresson
Rounding the corner and heading up hill.
RJ Corman Grain Train Just Outside Cresson
That’s the college in the background.
RJ Corman Grain Train Just Outside Cresson
I’d take an SD40-2 and Tunnel Motor over the NS power behind it any day.
RJ Corman Grain Train Just Outside Cresson
The lead 40-2 hitting the crossing.
Kevin and Bruce
Two of the CRHS’s finest setting up for the next shot.
RJC Outside Cresson
I opted for a head on shot as the train made its way through some s-curves.
RJC Outside Cresson
The red EMDs were doing the bulk of the work here.

There was no chase to be made after this, and we had real work to get back and do, so after a pit stop at the golden arches, we were back at it.

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