Amtrak’s Busiest Day 2014

I tried something different this year: going up to Delaware for Amtrak’s busiest day. Ironically, it resulted in more freight action but missing the special Amtrak moves.

My friend Chris was looking to go try somewhere new this year, so we returned to the spot in Newark DE that we had scouted out earlier. It’s got a classic PRR signal bridge and a junction with the NS line down the Delmarva Peninsula.

It was a nice change of pace, but the copious freight action actually screwed us out of the oddball passenger stuff we were after that day.

Amtrak ACS-64 Heading North at Davis


NS 2538 heads 13G at the end of the Delmarva Secondary.


Amtrak Acela heading north at Davis.
Empty oil train coming off the Delmarva for a brief stint on the NEC.
A southbound Acela snuck up on us (they can do that at 100+mph).
A northbound Northeast Regional train blows through the heart of the busy Davis interlocking.
Ironically, even though we went out for the oddball passenger stuff, the trip contained much more freight (including this train, which blocked my view of the NJT MU cars at MP 46.6 in North East MD).

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