CSX Local at the Collingdale CPLs

My friend Chris and I were on our way to the Conrail Retiree’s luncheon on behalf of the CRHS when we got incredibly lucky on CSX’s Philly Sub.

Chris was giving me a ride, and picked me up from my parents place.  I was giving him a very brief tour of the area, when we got incredibly lucky. We were driving across the CSX tracks at Oak Avenue on the Philly Sub, when we saw headlights.

Knowing that the CPLs at this signal location were on borrowed time, we hightailed it to a nearby overpass where we could shoot the train coming past them.

Not only did we luck out with the timing, but also with the train itself. Instead of being a boring intermodal, or even a general manifest, we caught a local returning from the car clean out facility in Chester (the one visible from I-95).


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