A Few Minutes In Lancaster, January 2017

I had word that one of my favorite hobby shops was closing up, so I met my dad for one last stop before they were gone. While in town, we stopped by NS’s Dillerville Yard and the Amtrak Lancaster Station.

Capturing the action in Lancaster is still possible, but vegetation poses challenges. The following photo, for example, would’ve really benefitted from some tree trimming on the right, but only Norfolk Southern could do the job. Unlike Horseshoe Curve, where they want to maintain the viewing angles, I think they’d be more than happy to cover the entire facility in camo netting, so I’m not holding my breath on any improvements here.

Power for two NS jobs moving around Dillerville Yard.
An NS yard job on the Amtrak Harrisburg line. These guys pulled up this far, then reversed back into the yard.

After realizing the angles for any more NS photos were extremely limited, we swung by the Amtrak station, just in time for the arrival and departure of a cab car lead Keystone Service train heading for Philly.

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