CSX and NS around Baltimore: February 2014

Still excited with my new lens, I decided to head out on Presidents Day to see what I could see.

My first stop was Contractors Rd on CSX’s Philly Sub. I had heard some scanner chatter, so I figured I might get something good. I wasn’t disappointed, with a CP leader on Q216. I was frustrated with the grass growing up that I couldn’t see through the viewfinder though.

Canadian Pacific Leader on CSX Q216
A CP leader hauls a train of loaded autoracks toward the Twin Oaks facility.
CP AC4400 At Contractors Rd
I know it’s poor lighting, but I think the snow saved the day.

After getting him at Contractors Road, I headed further east on the Philly Sub and got him through the fence at Allender Rd.


CP GE On Q216, Allender Road
Looking more like Canada than Baltimore county, Q216 continues its eastward progress.

While I was getting this shot, I heard an NS local talking about getting access to the nearby BG&E plant. This plant receives coal from out west via NS and the NEC. I wasn’t sure what a local crew was going to be doing there, but when I heard that he’d only be there for a little while, I knew I should head over that way.

Luckily, there’s good public road access around the perimeter of the plant, allowing for a good view of the rail action inside the fence.

When I arrived, I found that the local crew was there picking up some empty coal cars that seemed to be headed to the local NS car shop for some repairs.

I first caught him getting his train together inside the plant, but couldn’t get a good photo. I was able to position myself closer to the gate though, shoot through the fence, and get a few good shots off.

NS Local In the BG&E Plant
The trackage in the plant goes through a nice S curve right by the gate, allowing for a shot of the smallest unit coal train I’ve ever seen.

And then, after it leaves the plant, it crosses a road and heads off into the woods toward the NEC.

NS Local Heading Back To the NEC
Having power on both ends of the train makes it worth shooting coming and going.

Since this train was heading back to the NEC, and would have to pass through the Martin State MARC station, I headed over and positioned myself to catch him going back south.

First up was a little Amtrak action as a long distance train headed south.

Amtrak Silver Service Train Heading South
An Amtrak long distance train with a single AEM7 for power.

The local showed up shortly afterwards, letting me catch him again, both coming and going.

The Smallest Unit Coal Train I've Seen
At Martin State MARC station, heading back to Bayview.

And, with station platforms available, I was able to get these going away photos.

NS Local Heads Down The NEC
The trailing engine makes this make like a much more dangerous photo than it is.
Acela and NS Local Heading South
An Amtrak Acela showed up and made for a good contrast with NS’s local.

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